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March 11, 2018

Many of us have fond memories of playing outdoors as a kid and letting our imaginations run wild – You may have been the fairy princess in the playground castle or a knight fighting the fiercest of dragons. Much to our parent’s dismay, these activities were likely taking place with irregular use of a hat. Children are particularly vulnerable to sun damage due to their underdeveloped skin and according to Queensland Health sun exposure during childhood increases skin cancer risk later in life. Getting our kids outdoors is healthy and there are ways to minimise this risk.

Follow these quick tips to get your kids sun savvy.

Introduce sun safe practices into their routines

Instilling good sun protection habits is important from an early age. Ensure your children are wearing protective clothing, hats and sunscreen for all outdoor activities, even on cloudy days!  Sometimes being outside in the middle of the day is unavoidable. Keep a portable pop-up beach tent in the car so you’ll never be caught out and even better get the kids to help put it up!

Encourage sun safe independence

You may need to help them at first, but get your children to apply their own sunscreen from a young age. Putting a labelled bottle of their very own sunscreen next to their hat or in their bag will help to encourage them. Alternatively, pop some sunscreen in their lunchbox so it’s nice and cool to apply on a hot summer’s day.

Lead by example

Many of us have been guilty of looking after our children’s sun protection but neglecting our own. It’s old news that children copy those around them so lead by example and ensure that not only yourself but all family members are being sun safe. If you’re dreading putting on that rashie at the next family beach trip, check out the latest range from Aquacozzie for sun-protection wear that is versatile and stylish to boot!

Introducing sun safe habits early, setting a good example and having positive conversations with your kids, will set you on the path to sun safety. Skin protection is important for the whole family so ditch the fights, team up with your kids and the first person to thoroughly apply their sunscreen wins!


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